20. September 2006 Change it

Taken from: „Good Mother’s Guide to Excellent Education – Chpt. 7, Food“

10 Reaktionen zu “Change it”

  1. annax

    Oh my goodness this is excellent! I love everything about it!! And it reminds me soooo much of my own little children!!

  2. valgalart

    This is Brilliant!!!

  3. tammy hanna

    This is great! Wonderfully dark and funny.

  4. enigma

    how creepy. beautiful painting though..!

  5. Alina

    WICKED and BRILLIANT!! LOVE the humor!! HA ! HA!

  6. Majeak Ann

    hahaha! this is great!…..hilarius!

  7. flossy-p

    OMG, this is clever! Such a brilliant idea, wonderfully painted, and a creepy touch with those dark colours.

  8. juliemc

    Cool; where can I get one? :o)

  9. garth

    That is hilarious! Great illo!

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