29. Januar 2009 climb

united nations

..hmmmmm…. Italians! They are just soooo good.

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  1. Patrick

    Heheh. Very gruesome, but very cool.

  2. dion hitchings

    cute monster/looks like someone i used to date :)

  3. Laura

    Yikes!! Scary. Good composition.

  4. ronald p.d. brandt

    what a great single-panel narrative. really nicely done!

  5. moverlow

    Awesome. Love the concept!

  6. cati

    Oh! How did I lose this one!
    Ich liebe das! great idea, very scaring to think that from the beautiful montains!! hehe

  7. JOhn York

    GRAND! You deserve the prize!- JOhn

  8. yoon see

    Well done:)

  9. ellis

    this is so much better than the usual shit on Illustration Friday „pick of the week“

  10. Maria Pace-Wynters

    Congrats! Wonderful! (Italians are good!)

  11. renato lopes


  12. heidi younger

    Very awesome piece! Such a great and twisted idea!

  13. Allison Sommers


  14. grisco

    nice and funny… love it !

  15. BH

    Nice! My favorite illustration from IF so far. Great idea, great illustration, great color, great texture. I love it. It could be a metaphor too… :)

  16. Rockville

    Did he shit or spit the skulls? Great Illustration!

  17. tsu-mina

    Wow…I’m late but not so late as that italians! Nice …monster!

  18. kathy hare

    what a wonderful illustration!

  19. Alina

    This is brilliant!!

  20. michael

    japanese up next for lunch! great colors and composition. congrats.

  21. Ally

    ha! This is a funniest thing. I love it!

  22. Susan

    Disturbed and visually satisfying.

  23. get zapped

    Hilarious and clever. Excellent work. Congrats!

  24. valgalart

    hilarious and out there, love it :)

  25. Enigmatic

    Wow, I love the textures and the style… but most of all, I love the concept! Brilliantly done!

  26. kate b.

    love it! great job! everything about it is great.

  27. lavandula

    wonderful sense of humor! It defenetely deserve for distinction!

  28. Jim

    I have to agree with Ellis up there – this is SOOO much better than the usual shit that’s featured on the Illustration Friday cutesy club.

    Nicely done.

  29. applecheek

    Terrific. So funny. Well done you.

    ps Is it really necessary to insult other artists to compliment this achievement? I mean, really?

  30. Mary Stebbins Taitt

    SWEET! Very funny!

  31. Jess b

    Congrats on winning, your work is wonderful, great composition, colour, movement and sense of humour! Hope to see more of your work at illustration friday

  32. randy weizenkeim

    hell, what’s going on here? \o/… I mean. MWWAHAHAHA. So my sinister plan finally worked. One bribe for pick and hundreds of puny human souls have already been lured to my lair, every single one a tasty snack. And please don’t insult each other! I would rather appreciate if you just hit each other with big clubs. That would greatly add to tenderness. Thank you so much :D
    – sincerely : A Cruel Monster, that eats Everybody

  33. Anonymous

    I rather not tell you my name , you may eat us all! But hell!!!!!! it’s awesome!!! great! Well done dude :)

  34. Mary Patterson

    I love this! Beautiful colors. I always knew the mountains eat people!

  35. lil kim

    lol, very funny!

  36. Jörn

    Böööööse, und geil! Ganz groß, Helge. Gruß

  37. Michele

    Awesome!!! I LOVE it!!! I always knew it was a bad idea to climb mountains. Only now do I realize it’s because of monsters and not laziness. :)

  38. Gina

    Scary! But great art! Congrats on the Pick of the Week (and picking it is… ;)

  39. lepetitdoodler

    AHH! I rarely comment on IF entries, but this one cracks me up! Love, love, love.

  40. Scalator

    du hast ideen!!! geniale illu.

  41. Son of Incogneato

    Ha-ha! Sehr brav!
    I’m sitting here at my desk at work and literally started laughing out loud when I saw this. Now they all know I ‚m surfing, not working. Uh-oh . . .
    Great drawing, I love it. It’s perfect.

    Son of incogneato

  42. nellita

    EXCELLENT!!!! YOU`RE A GENIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

  43. lady cupcake

    This is a WONDERFUL illustration. Congratulations!

  44. Martin Hoogeboom


  45. randy weizenkeim

    Well thank you all, dankeschoen, gracias, tak etc… for your kind comments. Now after this heavy dose of international asspatting i feel really important and gifted and… oh… what’s that…? down to 10 visits/day again. aaach… welcome back humility, my good old friend… :D –

    …die Leute sind weg, Heini. Du kannst wieder aus dem Schrank!

  46. ellis.illus

    süperb *chapeau*

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