12. März 2010 erpsen unt mören

erpsen unt mören

pees ent kerots

24 Reaktionen zu “erpsen unt mören”

  1. jakob

    Sehr schön!!!

  2. FHNavarro

    Great!! I love it!!

  3. sandy

    Wonderful piece! Congratulations!

  4. Irwin

    excellent, strokes and colors

  5. Krista Hamrick

    Very cool! I love the upside-down carrots!

  6. kriszti


  7. kristyna

    ich sehr leibe. especially the mole, and your technique and colours are really effective. works well as a book spread

  8. Sharon

    This is a fantastic illustration! You have a great style and you characters are very real.

  9. Kimberly Davion

    I usually don’t like peas and carrots.. (unless I don’t have to eat them..)
    I think this is the first time, that I LOVE peas and carrots!!! :D

  10. Anna Raff

    Love this! Especially the „upside-downness“ of it all.

  11. ahanto

    great image.

  12. Isabelle Cardinal

    Ho this is a great illustration!! The upside down carrots are so cool. Love your website/blog by the way, we really get into your world. I am bookmarking you :)

  13. Elise N Black

    I love this too! Your character invites you into his wee upside down world! Fun loose quality to it!

  14. alan brown

    great picture. I love your style

  15. Deb Clandening

    This wonderful. Tour little creature is great.Love the carrots.

  16. happy chinchilla

    I love your illustration, the textures and the composition are great!

  17. Ren

    I love how this plays with your mind!

  18. randy weizenkeim

    that’s nice, what you all said.

    Carrots are upside down by the way because of anti-gravity waves emitted by the naked moleradish down there in cave 2. Well, that is complicated to explain to laymen… but the main point is: It is the gravity which makes carrots taste bitter. So those carrots are supersweet, because there is no gravity inside. Unfortunately once they are ripe they will fly away – but at least leaving the peas on earth.

  19. Panka Pasztohy

    and where is the stargate?…
    well the carrots surely steal the show but don’t underestimate the testtube creature. it’s just up to no good. see the hair and the dentures? and the way it’s digesting, gee, like the colors and the soles.

  20. LiLi

    poor whatshouldicallit – sadlooking noseholes
    well you’ve surely flown far far far away i guess
    but don’t dare to land without bringing back those riped carrots for the thing fellow, will you
    LiLi out

  21. Carolina Buzio

    You have a gorgeous personal sketchbook style! I could stare for hours to each one of the pages :)

  22. marcus

    der ist so geil!

  23. dominic e.

    fom veinsten

  24. dominic e.

    wie kann man mit dir in Kontakt treten?

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