15. Januar 2009 contained


Yes, it definitely contained the most important basics, except for… d’oh!… the sunglasses, those very special sunglasses – oh my!

13 Reaktionen zu “contained”

  1. Vhrsti

    What a perfect design!!!

  2. Vhrsti

    BTW I put your fabulous blog to my favourities. Really love your admirable works!

  3. Nicole

    Awesome. Just love everything about it

  4. Anonymous

    bewirb dich doch mal bei der titanic als Hofzeichner…mach! mach!

    Gruss Domme

  5. Susan


  6. studio lolo

    What a wonderful style you have!! Great imagination too.

  7. Christina

    sehr chic!

  8. tim

    potato peeler and Kazoo in the same container? I wish I had thought of that. Brilliant!

  9. Jennifer H

    what an incredibly cool image.

  10. Patrick

    Fantastic work! This is just so cool. But that toothbrush…ewwwww.

  11. tiff

    I really like this. I think about painting everything. Nice humorous touch.

  12. kathy hare

    wonderful, love your work..

  13. rachel

    I’ve been looking to your work and is fantastic, love your characters and spooky ideas!

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