18. Januar 2009 pale


In spite of climate change, i just won’t get a tan. All that smog in the air, blocking the sun.
Seems as if i have to rely on my inner beauty… again. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK

8 Reaktionen zu “pale”

  1. Atsibatsi

    Haha, great concept! Smog can make you look very gray. I really like your work :)

  2. ellis.illus

    wonderful. style and all – just perfect.
    i envy you for this :-)

  3. ellis.illus

    easy explanation: same time, same station or rather same time zone *g*
    thanks for your nice comment – i really like your stuff and wish i could create something so lively …

  4. Detlef

    Cool illustration style.

  5. Indigene

    Great color scheme and wonderful attitude…lol!

  6. Susan

    Your work is just marvellous merveilleux wunderbar

  7. Scalatore


  8. miz katie

    uh oh. made me smile again. :)

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